Where to Shop On Black Friday to Save the Most

Where to Shop On Black Friday to Save the Most

Do things get cheaper on Black Friday? Many people often ask themselves or their friends this question. Others may wonder whether waiting for Black Friday to do their shopping is worth it. Well, here is the answer; yes, things do get cheaper on Black Friday, and Black Friday is really worth the wait. According to research on the November Black Friday sale in 2019, 1% of 219 products advertised as Black Friday deals were at their lowest prices only on Black Friday. However, you should note that most Black Friday deals are offered in-store and not online. So, the main reason you might think that things don’t get cheaper on Black Friday may be because you are looking for these deals and offers on the wrong platform.

Some stores go the extra mile to conduct a survey to better understand their customer needs. For instance, HEB, a grocery company headquartered in San Antonio and one of the largest private companies in the United States, conducts its HEB survey so that they can improve their customer satisfaction and provide their clients with great Black Friday discounts. Other places to shop during Black Friday so that you save the most include:


Macy’s offers up to 56% Black Friday deals with discounts ranging from small kitchen appliances, toys, men’s and women’s clothing, toys, and home decor. Their Black Friday sale starts on November 23rd and ends on November 27th. Macy’s is quite famous in New York City.


Kohl’s is a specialty department store with Black Friday deals in toys, smart gadgets, home decor, and small kitchen appliances. These deals average to more than 52%, in addition to Kohl’s Black Friday Cash feature, which offers coupons for $15 for every $50 spent. Kohl’s special deals include Amazon Fire HD 8 for $44.99, which normally goes for $89.99, Fitbit Versa 2 smartwatch for $119.99, which normally goes for $179.99. Their store begins its Black Friday sale on the 21st of November and ends on the 26th of November, both online and in-store.


Being particularly recognized for discounted prices, Walmart’s Black Friday discounts average to 34% with deals on smart TVs and kitchen appliances. Walmart’s special Black Friday deals start at Friday 12 a.m, while the stores are physically open at 5 a.m. Walmart offers both online and in-store shopping with home delivery on the very same day of order.


Target provides an average of 27% Black Friday discount. The deals comprise kitchen aid mixers, apple watches, vacuums, and Air pods. The stores open at 7 a.m. on Black Fridays. Target provides both online and in-store shopping during regular store hours. Moreover, Target offers protection to their loyal customers by matching prices if their price increases before December 24th. This offer is applicable to everything stated in the company’s 60-page Black Friday ad.

From the stores above, it is crystal clear that Black Friday deals are even cheaper, and shopping from any of the mentioned stores will be a very big help in your journey to save more money.