How Bloggers Can Leverage Instagram

How Bloggers Can Leverage Instagram

Instagram is one of the relatively recent ‘visual’ outlets that can be difficult to break into for those who prefer to write. We don’t have beautiful goods or fascinating scenery… but we do have blog posts, right? However, like any other social media, Instagram has the potential for those bloggers who are willing to put in the effort to use it. And we are going to find out exactly what I’m talking about. And the good news is that, while we’ll be going through a lot of strategies and procedures, the amount of time it takes to promote a single Instagram post is minimal. Probably a few minutes more. Is it worth it? Let’s find here.

Why Should Bloggers Include Instagram?

Keep in mind that how each person uses and experiences Instagram is heavily influenced by the people they want to follow. However, most of us have Instagram feeds full of selfies, family images, and food photos. It’s effortless to take a fun, candid picture, edit it a little, and then share it with your friends thanks to its close integration with Facebook and fun filters. But imagine that instead of interacting with friends and family, you used Instagram to communicate with colleagues, influencers, and readers.

The Instagram Follower

This is where Instagram becomes genuinely fascinating.

Yes, you can’t put ties in the descriptions of individual images. That means that if anyone wants to visit your site, blog, or article, they’ll have to click on the link in your bio. Although the exact numbers can vary depending on the author and the blog post, those who have attempted to use Instagram have been pleasantly surprised. Although the referral traffic won’t be as high as other social networks, it’ll be fascinating to see how engaged those readers are.

Blog Post Tip

Don’t explain the picture in any way, as you would on an Instagram story. Instead, concentrate on the blog post and its material. What are the topics you’ll be discussing and the questions you’ll be answering? While you may include the title in the caption, if it appears on your blog post picture, it can be redundant. I like to start mine with “NEW BLOG” to let people know that this is a new one.

More Information On Instagram

Sharing fantastic content on Instagram, or any site for that matter is pointless if you haven’t taken the time to build a strong following and great relationships. Sure, you can’t demand too much in terms of interest and referral traffic if you’re just getting started. But, if you work at it long enough, I think you’ll be pleased with the outcome.

It’s okay if, like me, you don’t want to devote a lot of time and effort to Instagram. You may and should share your most recent posts in the same way that we have mentioned above. However, just like every other network, you’ll want to keep an eye on your operation.

At least once a day, check in on Instagram to see how your most recent posts are doing and to thank or answer other readers and users who took the time to share or comment.