Thread Count: What Does It Mean for Sheets & Bedding?

Thread Count: What Does It Mean for Sheets & Bedding?

Everyone has heard of thread count. Though not everybody has a clear understanding of what it stands for. To put it simply, thread count measures how many threads are in a square inch of fabric. However, a higher thread count doesn’t necessarily mean a fabric will feel luxuriously soft and ultra-smooth. Other variables come into play, including the fiber quality, the yarn size, the weave, and the finish fiber quality. These all are the important factors for a bedding’s softness, weight, and durability.  And people still prefer the options in which the benefits are the most impressive.

What is it?

Fine and long-staple combed cotton yarns make for softer, smoother, and stronger sheets, and fabric staple refers to the length of the cotton fiber. The way the fabrics move plays a part in high-quality bedding. Thread count can range up to 1200 but to reach the right count, over 400 yarns or additional yarns are inserted into the weaving process known as multiple pics. Furthermore, these insertions are used as they add to the bedding’s strength and durability. The fabric is finished using various techniques which allow the covering to have strength and controlled shrinkage.

Thread count is not the only indicator of quality. In addition to high thread count, perfect bedding is made with high-quality yarn.  Specialized finishing is there to create the softest and most durable fabric for your bedding. Moreover, thread count doesn’t surely mean quality.

Interesting facts

If you take a look at the short fibers and then look at the long fibers, you’ll see that long fibers are double their 100% and longer, and these are the fibers that produce incredibly soft, luxurious sheets. In addition to the fabric, cotton is sold every year. But the fact is that it can be low graded cotton as well and can contain as little as 10% Egyptian cotton. So, you should be careful while purchasing quality bedding.

Why does thread count matter?

The reality is that ideal thread count requires to be taken into account with the fabric quality of cotton, single ply vs. multiply cotton, and the type of weave. If you’re a lover of a dense sheet, you might be a fan of 600 thread count Virtuoso. Moreover, if you demand something a bit lightweight and crisp, a 200 thread count sheeting will make you feel like you’re sleeping in heaven. Thread counts from 200 to 600 are considered to be the most appropriate for a soft and quality covering. And when you make your mind about the bedding you are going to buy, you should learn a lot of details on the quality and type of weave of the sheets you liked. To get these characteristics, you may ask the seller, like Mela or another trusty manufacturer.

But the fact is, many other factors combine to make excellent bedding. Typically, the thread count can range from 100 and up to 1200. Some of the convenient customer’s favorites have been the 400-thread count sateen and 500 thread count percale sheets. The quality of cotton and the type of weave and other materials used make a tremendous difference apart from the thread count. So keep it in mind and opt only for the top-notch bedding.