Can I teach myself web development?

Can I teach myself web development?

Websites and online applications have become an essential part of our lives. Every day, people logon to numerous websites for a variety of different reasons. Hence today, web development has become an important market for people to fulfill as there is a significant gap in the web developers’ market. Companies struggle to find a good web developer that they can retain for long periods. Hence, as a student of modern science, becoming a web developer makes for a highly lucrative and likable option to pursue. Today there are several ways for people to learn how to become a good web developer through self-learning and online-education. There have been many examples for people who have changed their careers and become web developers through self-learning alone. While there are many ways to learn web development, some of them are as follows:


The formal method to learn web development is through applying for an actual web development course from a university or an academy. This allows students to interact with experienced teachers who have spent their life uncovering new solutions and innovative methods. Although this method is the norm, it incurs a high cost, effort, and time. This makes this method a bit expensive, which can be a pivotal reason for people not to opt for web development.

Teach yourself

The DIY method involves people to go through an informal routine of discovering new techniques and ideologies. Although this method gives students a lot of freedom, it does not have a dedicated person who helps students with their problems. Such students can take benefit of online tutorials provided on YouTube channels or through focus groups. Focus groups not only helps students to discover new things in the particular field of study, but it also allows students to find people with similar interest which can provide free of cost help. Some tutorials are also available on the internet through websites like the Khan Academy, which cost a minor fee for subscribing to their premium content. This content can also prove to be highly effective and useful for people who are considering self-learning. Some other examples of such websites include Pixel2Life,, DeveloperDrive Et cetera. The best part about self-learning is that it does not require any time, effort, or extra equipment. You can do such things in the comfort of your house, which makes this method that is much more inviting. The only backdrop to such an approach is that it requires a high level of dedication and self-motivation. Some people crumble under pressure and give up. This kind of behavior cannot work with this kind of learning; hence, students musk take notice of such things beforehand.

In conclusion, self-learning can be done when it comes to web development. Although people can use free tutorials, they can also get access to paid content, which is much more intuitive and helpful. Also, going to such a focus group with similar interests can provide free assistance from experts in the field. Hence the sheer fact that such resources are available free of cost makes it feasible to learn web development through self-learning.