What are the disadvantages of traveling by plane

What are the disadvantages of traveling by plane

Traveling is one of the most fun and highly challenging activities that one can indulge in. People usually travel to different places for different reasons. For some, traveling can be a source of enjoyment as they travel from one country to another on vacations to enjoy a time off from work. For some people, traveling is important because their work revolves around traveling. People might have to conduct or become part of important meetings for which they have to travel to different areas of sometimes to totally different parts of the world. People also may travel to get access to some resources that are otherwise missing in parts where they live. This speaks volumes of the importance of traveling.

In order to travel from one area to another, different modes of travel can be used. Usually the type of transport that is required totally depends upon the work that needs to be done or the place that needs to be reached. For instance, if the task is small and the distance is not much, a different type of vehicle can be used. Similarly, if the distance is large a different mode of travel is used.

One of the most common vehicles used to travel is the airplane. Over the past few decades, airplane travel has become cheaper and much more accessible as compared to other modes of traveling. Even though a lot of advantages and benefits exist with respect traveling by plane, there are some limitations, cons or disadvantages that come with airplane travel. These same disadvantages are often not talked about and are largely ignored. However, here some of the obvious disadvantages will be discussed in detail.

Time Consuming

Even though the airplane travel usually covers a lot of distance in less time, the time taken with respect to everything else other than plane travel itself is a lot. In simpler terms, checking in, going through security, and making way to the airplane is very frustrating and often requires a couple of hours to do so.


Air travel can be very anxious and frightening especially for people who have height phobia. When the airplane experiences turbulence, it is a very frightening and disturbing experience and can even lead to trauma in extreme cases. Hence, traveling by air is not recommended for all those people who experience height phobias.

Air tickets are expensive

Even though air travel itself has become more accessible over the past couple of decades, it still much more expensive than any other mode of transport. Air tickets are provided by commercial companies according to travel in different classes. The higher the class, the more comfortable is the traveling experience and this leads to added services being offered on board. Ultimately, because of the added service offered, the air tickets become much more expensive than they usually are. People often spend thousands of dollars on air travel throughout their life and this is something that unfortunately cannot be fixed.