Locations You Can’t Miss: The Most Instagrammable Photo Spots in Paris

Locations You Can’t Miss: The Most Instagrammable Photo Spots in Paris

I am sure most of us have the urge to visit Paris or just stare at the photos and promise ourselves one day we will visit the city of love. carmensluxurytravel.com gives one so much desire to travel and explore the world.

Did you know that Paris, before the coronavirus pandemic, would attract 30 million tourists per year? Isn’t that just awesome? You can make your Instagram account lively and admirable by visiting some areas in Paris.

Benefits of traveling and taking vacations

  • Gain new experience

Someone who has traveled to different places has the advantage of experiencing something new in their lives.

  • Explore new cultures

Travelling enables you to experience new places with different cultures from the ones you know or are used to.

  • Meet new people

You have probably heard people say how they met their best friends or spouses on a trip and the experiences brought them together.

  • Memories

Traveling gives you a chance to make new memories. You can share this on your social media as an archive and set reminders for each anniversary.

  • Enhance tolerance

Metting new people and new places can kind of test your patience. You get to view life from a different perspective and appreciate what you have.

  • Peace of mind

New places with a serein environment can help calm your mind and give you a sense of relation.

Places to visit and take photos in Paris

  • Eiffel tower.

This is the most popular place that people visit in Paris. It is such a unique structure as it is the tallest structure in Paris. It has the levels with the second top levels having restaurants where you can go relax as you enjoy a beautiful scene of Paris.

  • Trocadero

This gives the best view of the Eiffel tower at an angle. It is also a convenient place for you to take a photo of the tower for your accounts. Has beautiful Warsaw Wellsprings and is an entry to the Pasic Aquarium.

  • Rue Cremieux

You have probably noticed st fashion bloggers take photos along colorful streets in Paris. Here, the houses are painted with warm colors on the outside making the streets very colorful and lively. It is also a good place for you to visit while in Paris, you will not be the only one taking photos outside people’s residents.

  • Notre Dame

Among the 30 million people who visit Paris annually, 12 million visit Notre Dame. Hosts beautiful places such as La Basilique du Sacre, Coeurde Montmarte and Louvre Museum. The museum holds the most popular world painting on Mona Lisa. Isn’t that worth a visit?

  • Musee D-Orsay Clock

If you are a person interested in art and would like some shots for your Instagram page, this is the place to visit. Contains a collection of impressionist paintings and hosts one of the most amazing clocks in the world. The surroundings are serene as well, the place is surrounded by a beautiful garden and River Seine.

In conclusion, if you are a travel blogger or someone with a spirit of adventure consider Paris.