Walk-in vs. Appointment: Which is Best for Your Medical Practice

Walk-in vs. Appointment: Which is Best for Your Medical Practice

Have you had to go out of your schedule to tend to a patient? Did you know you can assist your patients to plan an appointment for your convenience? Software developers have the ability to come up with a patient appointment reminder software.

It is a convenient method as you both come up with an agreement of when you are both available. Although as a medical practitioner it is hard to tell how long you will tend to a patient, it is effective as you will end up saving some time for yourself.

Advantages of walk-ins

This is more effective to a patient as they get to acquire the services immediately compared to appointments where one has to go in at the said date and time.  This is affordable compared to appointments. Most appointment scheduled doctors are paid per hour, unlike a walk-in where you pay for all the services.

You get to have ample time with your doctor because they will not be in a rush to be somewhere at a specific given time. You get normal patient treatment as no one knows your underlying medical condition or which type of service you need

Disadvantages of walk-ins


One might use a lot of their time on the queue waiting for the doctor to finish tending to other patients to tend to them. There is also a lack of a personal relationship with your doctor. The doctor might tend to you one time and find another the next. Doing follow-ups on you might be difficult.

Getting medical care services might be more costly. Those who set appointments frequently might get discounts for loyalty.

Advantages of appointments

It’s a time-saving option as one agrees with the doctor the exact time to meet you with them. They are easy to set up especially when doctors offer patient appointment reminder software.

Easy to do follow-ups with your doctor on health matters especially if it is long-term such as orthodontist services. Appointments are more affordable compared to walk-ins where one can do budgetary arrangements with the doctor and know the cost of services.

Appointments save the doctor the hustle of being overwhelmed especially if they are operational in different locations. Doctors can tell where their services will be available at a given time. They also can be rescheduled in case any urgent matters show up. Booking appointments is easy!

Disadvantages of appointments


Handling information over the internet is not secure. Especially if it is sensitive information such as medical information. Appointments are fixed and one might not see the doctor every time they need to due to a tight schedule. They are quite costly as one has to make more payments compared to walk-ins. Doctors that operate on appointments cost more as they charge their services hourly.

In conclusion, appointments work better for doctors and patients who work on a schedule. It is also good if you need keen follow-ups and monitoring.